Customer Testimonials

I have waited a long time

I want to thank you guys again for your service. I have waited a long time for you guys to manage these properties. The choices of property managers here were just not very acceptable. I dont know how to convey that any other way. I think once your name gets around you will be wildly successful. Thanks again.

Nile P.


Life is great when things go smoothly

Thank you so much! Life is great when things go smoothly as with a great renter! Appreciate your high level of service, as always.

John S.

Home Owner

We are very pleased

We are very pleased so far with this tenant! Good job on placing a quality renter there for us!!

Leandra M.

Home Owner

Thanks for being so great to work with

It's been wonderful living here. We're planning on 9/30 being our last day. Please advise us on anything we need to know before that time. If you could also please confirm that you received our notice. Once again, thanks for being so great to work with.

Brig W.


Seriously, thank you

Chris, seriously, thank you. You might have singlehandedly saved this house purchase.

Sonja F.

Home Seller

We appreciate the opportunity

We just want to say that we're very grateful to have met so many of you from the Blue Key team! We appreciate the opportunity to rent this wonderful home over the last year and a half. We would like to pass on our appreciation to the home owner for placing trust in us to take care of this beautiful home. We treated it like our own and wish everyone all the best in the future. Again, thank you for taking care of us! We will miss your excellent and professional service.

Skip and Summer


We appreciate the opportunity

As an aside, having now been in this place for about a year, blue key has been by far the best experience I have had in terms of landlord/tenant relationships. The yearly inspection process and maintenance process has been so pleasant and everyone that has come to the apartment for any reason has been super friendly and respectful. Kudos to the whole team, and thank you :)

Tyler M.


My home was rented in less than 2 weeks

I am writing to recommend the services of Blue Key Property Management. I recently signed with them to put my home on the rental market. As a detail oriented person I carefully checked out many of the other local management companies even going so far as to have them come out to my property for consultation appointments. I eventually chose Blue Key for many reasons. They have no up-front fees and are very prompt at returning phone calls and e-mail inquiries. This is in comparison to the other management companies taking at least a day or more to respond and then having up-front rates that ranged from $400.00 to $1200.00 dollars. With Blue Key my home was quickly listed and well advertised with many online venues. The paperwork I needed to complete was both comprehensive and designed to protect both my rights as an owner and the rights of my potential tenants. Blue Key had many showings in the first week and was great at giving me notice beforehand. My home was rented in less than 2 weeks. I am happy to recommend the services of Blue Key Property Management to anyone needing to get their home quickly on the market with the reassurance that it will be carefully managed from that point on.

Tracy G.

Home Owner

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